Monday, July 21, 2014


I've been moving pretty slowly since last week's heat wave so it seemed fitting to drop the tempo and throw down some of the lush and lazy chill tunes that have been collecting in my library. Although a lot of these jams would be right at home on a dance floor, the overall vibe here is very laid back. You could flip this on for the drive home from one of the many upcoming festivals, after a full weekend of raging bangers your ears and brain will be thankful.  And as much as I love the bangers, I feel like a lot of the innovation in electronic music is happening off of the dance floor, where the demands of lit up punters aren't nudging artists towards homogeneity.


starRo - Feeling For You [2014 Soulection]
Wave Racer - Streamers [2014 Future Classic]
Oliver - Mechanical [2013 Fool's Gold]
Louis Futon - Shoulda Known (GANZ Remix) [2014 Brownswood]
Boy Kid Cloud - This Way (Asa & Sorrow Remix) [2013 Inspected]
Jimmy Edgar - Midnite Fone Call [2010 !K7]
Exmag - Tilt Mode Feat. Gibbz [2014 Exmag]
Phonat - Phase To Face [2014 MoFoHifi / OWSLA]
Matroda - Skycore [2012 NOIZE]
Kill Paris - Silence of Heartbreak [2014 OWSLA]
Flume - What You Need [2012 Future Classic / Mom + Pop]
Grandtheft - Give Me More [2013 Mad Decent]
Boh Nanza - Hot Box Dub [2014 Supreme Hustle]
Santigold - Disparate Youth (Jacuzzi Remix) [2013 Atlantic]
Jacuzzi - Loose Ends [2013 Jacuzzi]
Point Point - Morning BJ [2014 Point Point]
StéLouse - Headfone [2014 EDM Network]

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It's the first day of summer and I have a brand new podcast for ya! This one will be a nice accompaniment to your warm sunny days on the beach, particularly if you have a spliff and a cold Red Stripe nearby. If you've been following me for any length of time you probably know that I have a deep love for reggae and dancehall music, it has influenced me so much and it has provided the foundation for everything that we know as 'bass music' today. While a lot of the music coming out of Jamaica in recent years has taken on a bit too much of a US Top 40 vibe for my tastes, there are thriving scenes around the globe that are still pushing the boundaries of that smoked out underground sound that I fell in love with during the 80s and 90s. Most of the tunes here are from the UK and Europe, and Canada is represented as well by singers like Face T, Clinton Sly and of course our boy Kardi. One of the sickest tunes in the mix comes from upstart Alberta beatmaker Boh Nanza, really can't wait to hear more from this chap. It's bit of a longer session than last time, and it could have been even longer with all the great new tunes I keep finding! Hope you enjoy....


Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Jump + Move + Rock [2012 Tru Thoughts Records]
Prince Fatty feat Hollie Cook - For Me You Are (Mungo's Hi Fi Mix) [2014 Mr Bongo Worldwide]
Dub Terminator & Gappy Ranks - Godfather (Sub Divizion Remix) [2013 Dub Terminator]
Mikkim - Guns of Kingston Dub (Version Big-Fi Dub Mix) [2013 Big Bong Records]
Skarra Mucci feat Delroy Wilson - Movie Star [2012 KSK International]
Dub Pistols feat Darrison & Rodney P - Gunshot (J-Star Remix) [2013 Sunday Best Records]
Biga Ranx - Snap Back [2013 X-Ray Production]
Mr Benn feat Tenor Fly - No More Guns [2013 Nice Up!]
Mystic MC - The Weed [2009 Burton Records]
Face-T - Two Words [2012 DUB Avenue] 
Naâman - Rumours a Gwaan [2013 1001Prods Records]
Boh Nanza & MC Ouda Ouda - Push Rasta Push [2014 Supreme Hustle Recordings]
Mungo's Hi Fi feat Blackout JA - Overcome [2014 Scotch Bonnet Records]
Max Rubadub & General Trix - Sweet Like You [2014 Irish Moss Records]
Skitz feat Rodney P, Kardinall Offishall & Skibbadee - Struggla [2010 Dragon Drop]
DJ Tzinas feat Clinton Sly - Real Good Gal [2014 Irish Moss Records]
DJ Tzinas feat Clinton Sly - Real Good Gal (DJ Maars Remix) [2014 Irish Moss Records]
Blend Mishkin feat Jamalski - We Are Roots (Exclusive DJ Version) [2012 Cast-a-Blast]
Damian Marley - Lyrical .44 (DJ Vadim Edit) {2005 Universal Records]
Liquid Stranger feat Ragga Twins - Tremor [2014 Warpath Group]
Wood n Soo feat Deadly Hunta - Come Harder (SaBBo & Gurfinkel Remix) [2014 Irish Moss Records]
P-Money & Gappy Ranks - Baddest [2014 Dirty Records]
Dirty Dubsters feat Bass Nacho & Blackout JA - Real Bad Boys (Basement Freaks Remix) [2013 Irish Moss Records]
Ilements - We All Can Make It [2012 Street Rockaz Family]
Capitol 1212 feat Serocee - Making Disturbances (Bluntskull Remix) [2013 Irish Moss Records]

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The SKY HIGH EP out now on Westwood Recordings!

I've been spending a lot of time over the past year boning up on my sound design and composition skills, trying to push myself to create original music instead of the bootlegs and mash-ups I've become known for. My globe-trotting homies The Funk Hunters flipped their wigs when they heard my first complete original jam, and it proceeded to lace just about all of their DJ sets since the beginning of this year. A few revisions and a name change later, we introduce the Sky High EP, my debut release for Westwood Recordings! Both tunes stick well within my funky, mid-tempo safe zone while exploring some of the sonic territory pioneered by glitch and bass music purveyors. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with support from DJs around the world and an exclusive debut courtesy of The EDM Network. Needless to say I'm pretty excited that these tunes are seeing the light of day and I would be most grateful if you would listen, share and leave me a nice comment if you're feeling the vibes! Lots more like this in the works so keep your ears to the ground.

Also check the brand new Westwood Recordings website:

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey Friends, my blog is back after another long hiatus! I can't front, I'm terrible at keeping this thing up to date - but I'm launching a new monthly podcast called The Chopping Block, so you can expect to hear from me at least that often. For the first instalment, I've started off with some chill and jazzy beats and ramped it up into party territory for the latter half. Some of the tunes are recent, some older, just stuff that I happen to be enjoying at the moment. Not trying to stick with any particular theme here, as you may know my tastes are pretty broad so I'll be trying to come with something a bit different each month. Hope you enjoy, and please comment and re-post if you do! 


Koan Sound - 7th Dimension (2014 OWSLA)
Onra ft. T3 - The One (2010 All City Dublin)
Gramatik - Prime Time (2014 Lowtemp)
Flavours - Just Want Juice (2014 Simplify Recordings)
Kartell - Cost of Love (2012 Roche Musique)
FKJ - Unchained (2013 Roche Musique)
Habstrakt - Listen (2014 Disciple Recordings)
Smalltown DJs ft. Lisa Lobsinger - See Thru (2014 Fool's Gold Records)
BadboE - Sweet Games (The Captain Remix) (2013 Breakbeat Paradise)
Vent - Lunatics (2010 Colony Productions)
Lack Jemmon - Theory Test (2014 Scour Records)
DJ Wood - Eye Opener (2014 Westwood Recordings)
Kill Paris - The Walk (2014 OWSLA)
Gibbz - Do It For You  (2014 Lowtemp)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not too much to report this week, been busy in the studio working on a new EP. A few shows coming up to be announced soon but until then, I'll take this time to repost some oldies but goodies.

First up is one of my favourite bootlegs that I've made. The original is a massive drum'n'bass banger but the single also included a roots reggae version. I sped that up to create this thumping bass-hop version that has been a staple of my sets for the past couple of years.

Next is another reggae bootleg - not the first or the last track to sample Toots & The Maytals although I've never heard anyone else take on this cut. The Cutty Ranks pella has been used extensively but it fit the subject matter so well I couldn't resist. I made this for the inaugural posting on the Ghetto Funk blog, and I've since made it available to non subscribers as well.

Lastly for today, keeping with the reggae bootleg theme, here is a drum'n'bass remix of a gorgeous vocal cut by Horace Andy that I made years ago and promptly forgot about. I came across it by accident last year and thought is sounded pretty dope so I've posted to my Sondcloud for all to enjoy.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20 2013

I got to throw down a vinyl set for the final Wax Wednesdays at the now departed Waldorf Hotel. Resident DJ Dubconscious got the place bumping with special guest Mista Chatman on the mic.  I haven't spun reggae on wax for a minute so I was pretty rusty, but all in all it was a very fun night and a great last memory of one of my favorite Vancouver night spots. Venues have been dropping like flies here lately so it's sad to see another one go, especially a unique spot like this one.

In other news this week, my homie DJ Soo dropped a dope 80's funk edit on us a couple days ago, free to download... and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you're feeling it!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year! 2012 in review...

My New Year's resolution is to keep this site up to date so here goes! It's been a big year with some outstanding highlights, including sets at Shambhala Music FestivalVictoria Electronic Music Festival, some great parties in town including Stickypod Connection at W2 and Super Happy NYE at Beaumont Studios. See below for some of the auditory highlights of the past year:

The third volume of Ghetto Funk's annual free bootleg comp dropped late in December, boasting 30 hot tunes from the cream of the mid-tempo crop. For our contribution, DJ Soo & I took on the Fugees classic 'Ready Or Not', dropping the acapella over bits of the Delphonics original and a reggae cover version by Johnnie Osbourne. Laced with some crisp drums and heavy 808 bass, this fusion of soul, reggae, hip hop and trap music was blogged far & wide and became the first track on the album to hit 20K plays on Soundcloud.

Download "The Icons Vol.3" from Ghetto Funk

I finally followed up my 2004 reggae-hiphop mix tape with a second volume. I've been focusing most of my studio time on production for the past few years and haven't been turning out mix tapes at the rate that I used to, so I really wanted to have fun with this one and make use of all the capabilities at a digital DJ's disposal. Aside from a couple of blends that I knocked up in advance, almost every track in this set is edited on the fly using doubles and cue points. I had a blast doing it and it's really revived my interest in mix making. Look out for a couple more in the months to come.

I've been a huge fan of Fort Knox Recordings ever since they began, so it was a great honour to be brought on board to remix a cut from Nappy Riddem's 'One World Sovereignty' LP. Finally released to the public last November, other remixers on the EP include Stickybuds, Dub Architect and K.Sabroso.

Buy "Angle It & D.T.A. Remixes" on iTunes

So, that's my year in review - just the tip of the iceberg really. I intend to update this blog once a week moving forward, so I will take the slow weeks to revisit some of my other releases and freebies from the past year. Stay tuned!