Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey Friends, my blog is back after another long hiatus! I can't front, I'm terrible at keeping this thing up to date - but I'm launching a new monthly podcast called The Chopping Block, so you can expect to hear from me at least that often. For the first instalment, I've started off with some chill and jazzy beats and ramped it up into party territory for the latter half. Some of the tunes are recent, some older, just stuff that I happen to be enjoying at the moment. Not trying to stick with any particular theme here, as you may know my tastes are pretty broad so I'll be trying to come with something a bit different each month. Hope you enjoy, and please comment and re-post if you do! 


Koan Sound - 7th Dimension (2014 OWSLA)
Onra ft. T3 - The One (2010 All City Dublin)
Gramatik - Prime Time (2014 Lowtemp)
Flavours - Just Want Juice (2014 Simplify Recordings)
Kartell - Cost of Love (2012 Roche Musique)
FKJ - Unchained (2013 Roche Musique)
Habstrakt - Listen (2014 Disciple Recordings)
Smalltown DJs ft. Lisa Lobsinger - See Thru (2014 Fool's Gold Records)
BadboE - Sweet Games (The Captain Remix) (2013 Breakbeat Paradise)
Vent - Lunatics (2010 Colony Productions)
Lack Jemmon - Theory Test (2014 Scour Records)
DJ Wood - Eye Opener (2014 Westwood Recordings)
Kill Paris - The Walk (2014 OWSLA)
Gibbz - Do It For You  (2014 Lowtemp)