Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not too much to report this week, been busy in the studio working on a new EP. A few shows coming up to be announced soon but until then, I'll take this time to repost some oldies but goodies.

First up is one of my favourite bootlegs that I've made. The original is a massive drum'n'bass banger but the single also included a roots reggae version. I sped that up to create this thumping bass-hop version that has been a staple of my sets for the past couple of years.

Next is another reggae bootleg - not the first or the last track to sample Toots & The Maytals although I've never heard anyone else take on this cut. The Cutty Ranks pella has been used extensively but it fit the subject matter so well I couldn't resist. I made this for the inaugural posting on the Ghetto Funk blog, and I've since made it available to non subscribers as well.

Lastly for today, keeping with the reggae bootleg theme, here is a drum'n'bass remix of a gorgeous vocal cut by Horace Andy that I made years ago and promptly forgot about. I came across it by accident last year and thought is sounded pretty dope so I've posted to my Sondcloud for all to enjoy.